Lazy school run mums


Little bit of a rant here.

I really don’t understand some school run mums.

I live a 15 min walk from the school and I walk the school run 100% of the time, come rain or shine.

Yet, other mums who either live along the same road as me, or closer to the school, drive.

The school is on a main road, so no parking, so they have to find somewhere to park in roads near by.

I, regularly end up leaving at the same time as the parents who live along my road, and will walk past the parents who live closer, as they are getting into their cars.

By the time, they’ve got in the car, driven , found some where near the school to park, walked round to the school. I’ve walked it and beaten them. And it’s the same on the way home.

I don’t walk particularly fast, being 4ft 11, and having short legs. I just don’t understand, why they bother. The parents in question go home and remain there, I dot understand why they do it.

Pure laziness?


3 thoughts on “Lazy school run mums

  1. You should start wearing a t-shirt saying “Walking is Faster. I’ll Race You!” and then waving down drivers so they see you…you could start a whole new movement #walkingisfaster

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