Feed the birds


When did it become bad for a duck to eat bread? Feeding the ducks a stale loaf is what childhood visits to parks are all about. It’s what thousands of children for generations have been doing but all of a sudden it’s bad for them?! Really?

I went to a local park today with my friend and our 2 toddler boys. There’s a lake with ducks, geese and other water birds so I’d taken the last few slices of our loaf of bread from home for the boys to throw to the ducks. When we arrived there were signs everywhere saying not to feed bread to ducks. Apparently it’s bad for their health.

As an alternative you could buy a bag of special duck food that the sold for the meagre price of £1 in the little shop. Can me cynical but really….?! Surely this is just a money making ploy?

You could even receive an on the spot fine if caught throwing bread to the ducks. I was quite tempted to do if just to see if they’d fine my son. It’d be quite an achievement to have a criminal record before his 2nd birthday!




3 thoughts on “Feed the birds

  1. I think it’s just not that nutritious, so fills them up and stops them needing to eat their greens. Junk food for ducks.
    My parents both take much bread out with boy to feed our local ducks. I haven’t the heart to tell them not to. Sorry ducks.

  2. gertiescott

    We are still allowed to feed ours. Yours are obviously much posher ducks…. £1 for feed would make me grumble 😦

  3. jenbug1001

    Ha ha, someone did a really angry wyoo on this a while ago. I am a bad person who still does it anyway, it pleases Coco. If bread is bad for ducks then *their* mothers should have told *them* not to eat it. I blame the ducks parents.

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