Finding My Voice


I don’t know who I am.

Not due to illness, or some deep philosophical existentialist questioning…I mean on here, this blog, my voice – who am I?

I could be a witty banterer who recounts amusing stories, I could be the frazzled mother of twins who tries to juggle work and motherhood, I could be a poster of ‘interesting facts’ or shares tidbits from the internet…or I could be all of these things or none of them.

This is why this blog project appealed to me. It doesn’t really know what it is yet and neither do I.

What I do know is that I am loving some dear friends who I have never met, and maybe will never meet, come together and share stories in the same way that brought us together in the first place.

Brutal honestly combined with genuine affection, a love of silliness and willingness to try something new.

I’ll be writing my posts for myself and for the Breakfast Club.

The theme of my work will be mostly Random Shite.


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