Smarty pants.


Smart phones are getting smarter. They are now equipped with a next word predictor thingy.

GREAT thanks to someone’s amazing intelligent contribution to the technological world I can now save time and let my phone do all the work!

Let me just text my boss and let her know I’m going to be late, ‘good morning, really sorry but I’m going to be late this morning because [activate sentence predictor thingy] I’ve been using the shoes from my head and death penalty for a good girl in my weave’ 

Great now my boss has been informed of the unfortunate events that lead to my lateness. Oh wait I’m not done, let me just text my boyfriend to let him know what time to expect dinner…[activate next word predictor thingy] ‘dinner at least eight years ago when I was going on with it. Spaghetti monster and the same thing as it. Can you have been able to get a little baby. Thanks babe Ruth x ‘

My name isn’t Ruth, but I’d say that text was rather successful.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this new function is really great for you to get back into bed with her daughter and then we can do it to the shop keeper.

I’d definitely recommend it the best way to get the same thing with her husband in the event of my life and death penalty in my life and timeshare.

I hope you all find it as useful as the independent housing market research firm in her and her family members of congress in my head.

Id like to thank my BEAUTIFUL BLONDE FRIEND for introducing me to this comment from my money box, I cannot live without it.



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