(Un)forgettable that’s what you are..


Pamela, was a very caring and popular member of the office. She liked everyone, she got on with everyone, she was friends with everyone.

Or so she thought.

‘I’m so sorry you’re leaving…’ She would write on their leaving cards.

‘I’m so sorry you’re leaving, you always made meetings much more fun to be in. You always brightened up my day and I’ll never forget the way you cheered me up when my cat died. I’ll really miss you. Lots of love, Pamela

Every message she wrote would have a special turn of phrase, though it only ever differed slightly: she was always sad they were leaving, she would miss their meetings and she had hordes of dying pets.

Oh, Pamela was indeed very sentimental with her words on leaving cards. She always made sure to write something heartfelt, whether it was about her dead dog, cat, parrot, gerbil, hamster or favourite butterfly. Pamela always made sure the leaving colleague had comforted her and given her the much needed support to get through such a terrible, terrible time.

‘Lots of love, Pamela’

Poor, sad Pamela, who felt ‘such a connection’ with her colleagues, none of whom could ever ‘quite’ place her.

How could they….

….when she never existed.

And yet…. yet, I would feel such mirth and chuckle to myself as I wrote those words. My face trying to hide the escaping smile and childish giggles that poured forth when I thought of my leaving colleague…as I thought of them, scratching their heads in puzzlement and thinking to themselves…

“Pamela??? Who the hell, is Pamela?”


10 thoughts on “(Un)forgettable that’s what you are..

  1. Hilarious. Hilarious. Hilarious.

    When my company went through a hard merger, ruthless, many people leaving, a friend of mine had a library stamp made up bearing the official legend “sorry you are leaving love Tim”. He stamped it on every leaving card without further message, to best friends and strangers alike.
    Nine years on he is the only person I know still working there.

  2. gertiescott

    Ha. brilliant. Wish Pamela was real. I want her and Tim to get together. They would compliment each other perfectly 🙂

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