And in the shadows they all stood.


My day begins and ends in front of a sea of people.

I brush my teeth, they perch on the edge of my bath, marvelling at how good I look, after a mere three hours of sleep.

I make breakfast, they ask me where I learnt to cook, this is the most delicious thing they’ve ever tasted.

I vacuum, they’ve never seen anything quite so clean.

I dance like a loon, and they watch, mesmerised, like I am a seaweed moving with the rhythm of the sea.

They lie.

And they lie.

And they lie.

And I let them.

I live in my mind, my life played out like Truman’s.

I escape to this world every day, The Shadows keeping me company, laughing at my jokes, marvelling at me, empathising when I am low, and in awe of all I am.

They say the perfect things.

Why wouldn’t they? After all, they know just what I want to hear.

What I need to hear.

I can’t quite pinpoint when I retreated inside my head, but I do know, that I don’t know how to leave.

That I don’t want to leave.


8 thoughts on “And in the shadows they all stood.

  1. I’m about to board a plane, but didn’t want to read and fly.
    This is beautiful and moving and sad and concerning, or not, I’m not sure, but certainly beautiful and moving and now I must get on my plane.

  2. gertiescott

    This is haunting. I reread many times. Maybe the shadows speak the truth. Maybe they can see who you are? That you are indeed beautiful and hilarious?

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