Elaine Paige or Barbara Dickson?


I have a shameful collection of CDs in my car that I bring out and sing along to when I am driving.

I often imagine myself singing to a large concert hall or just in a small group being admired by friends around a campfire…I’ll hear them whisper “she has such a lovely voice”…or the rapturous applause of approval from the school assembly hall just after I have moved them to tears with my rendition of Angel by Sarah McLachlan…my imagination allows me to soar high, hit the missed notes and be in tune…

A recent purchase of Elaine Paige’s Greatest Hits (hidden in the glove compartment) has allowed me to return to my childhood, where my good friend and I would sing I Know Him So Well for an entire summer. We would always argue over who got to be Elaine Paige as she really did get the lion’s share of the song, even singing all over poor Barbara’s bit in the second verse.

Now I listen to it in the car, I let Elaine sing all her bits and have her moment, because I know that the only important line in the song is when Elaine sings “Securityyyyyyyyy” and Barbara gets the hook “He needs his fantasy and freedom”…I am happy to be Barbara.

I think sometimes stepping back and letting others have the floodlights on them, helps ensure that you get the best bit in the end.



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