Should I worry?


So today the little one had her one year review. Everything went well, she is a lovely happy clever girl. 

Then the health visitor dropped her faux bomb, she needs to be walking. Apparently we are now expecting all one year olds to be walking. 

Since when? I thought we were only to be concerned if they weren’t walking at 18 months. Apparently nearly all the one year olds are failing because they aren’t walking. Does this not sugest then it’s not anything to worry about? 

Apparentley not. 

So I declined a follow up appointment in a month but had to book in for a phone call to see if she is walking.

such a crock of crap, and waste of time. Am I worried? Am I fuck! She will walk soon. 


10 thoughts on “Should I worry?

  1. What? That’s ridiculous. If she’s been doing the job for more than five minutes, she must know that’s ridiculous. You know it is, but a poor first time mum wouldn’t. Walking wasn’t even mentioned at ours (he walked at 14 months). Stupid.

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