Aprons that make you smile.


I’ve never owned an apron before, I don’t *read can’t* cook! I don’t *again,read cant* bake so have never felt the need for a pinny.


I received a package one day, opened, frantically clawing at the paper, like an excited child on Christmas morning. My prize, an apron!

It was perfectly folded, I unraveled and immediately felt a pang in my heart, flutters in my tummy, then came a tear. I felt such a mix of happy emotions, how could an apron make me feel this way?

Well I shall tell you why, because this apron came from a wonderful lady, this wonderful lady is a part of a group of wonderful ladies (and man). These wonderful ladies live everyday with me, these ladies have been with me through pain, upset, depression, carried me when I could no longer cope, made me laugh and cry in equal measures.

This group of people mean more to me than they could ever realise.

I still don’t cook or bake but I do wear me apron everyday and everytime I wear it I think of these wonderful people, the apron has powers, it makes me feel special, because this apron reminds me of those wonderful people.

So to the person who bought me that special gift (you know who you are) it is much more than just an apron to me. You wonderful person!



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