Families and inlaws


I was the eldest of 3 (me and 2 brothers) and then my parents adopted 2 girls making me the eldest of 5. My youngest sister is 16 years younger than me. However, I haven’t seen any of my siblings for 11 and 1/2 years. Indeed I am estranged from my entire family-parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. EVERYONE.

And why? Because I did what was right when everyone else wanted to do what was wrong because it was easier for them. But that’s a whole different blog! I miss not having a support network around me, although I do not miss the people that they were.

In effect I am now an orphaned only child. Perhaps that’s why I’ve clung on to my ex-inlaws?! Or maybe it’s because they are an amazing bunch of people who see the good in me (something my own family failed to do). Whatever the reason I’m glad they’re in my life to stay. I now have another child with a new partner but my ex-inlaws welcome and accept my son as he’s part of me and I’ll forever be part of them. They buy him presents which humbles me so much and always brings a tear to my eye.

I now have a new set of inlaws too. Although I have recently been widowed so maintaining contact with them takes effort (both physically and emotionally) on my part (and I guess on theirs). I will ensure I cling onto them as tightly as I clung on to my ex’s. I am sure they will always be a huge part of my life.

So be warned. If I meet your daughter and we get together at some point in the future, please know you’ll never get rid of me!!!!!

This blog was inspired by https://thebreakfastclub2014.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/listening-and-telling-stories/


2 thoughts on “Families and inlaws

  1. I don’t know how awful it must feel to have been estranged from family, the people who should accept and love you for everything you are. I can only say it is their loss, they have missed time with a wonderful person and her amazing children.

  2. Yes, it must be so hard to be estranged, whether you choose it or it’s chosen for you. Well done for clinging on to good people. It’s a blessing to find them and that shouldn’t be wasted.

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