This evening I have been marvelling at toddler fingers, and how fantastically moveable they are when they work the way they’re supposed to. All flexible and loose and grabby, with wide open hands and a tilt to the wrist that no adult could hope to replicate without looking like a complete arse. Little fingers curled up in a ball and then doing the toddler wave (scrunching fingers as if grabbing imaginary raisins) and then clapping hands and then very gently, ever so delicately, touching the end of my nose just *so* with one little fingertip.

Tiny fingers that can already undo screw tops. That can take a coat off. That can ferret out the merest hint of a biscuit crumb from the smallest cranny in the highchair.

So many things that little fingers can do. All of them a marvel when you’ve seen fingers that can’t.


4 thoughts on “Fingers

  1. mandymoo2

    My friend (who has 2 disabled children) noticed my son picking a raisin up off the floor once and was astonished at his abilities. I remember her saying “wow look at his fingers working”

    It’s the small things we take for granted that are sometimes the most important x

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