How important are you really?


I promise it will be over soon.

This self indulgence. This poor attitude. This wallowing in misery.

Tomorrow I might count my blessings, perhaps even the day after, because I too hope it will be over soon, just not yet, I’m not quite ready, for now, I wallow.

So… How important are you really?

Are you completely insignificant?

How often do we overestimate our importance in the lives of others.

Do we feature in their lives, their thoughts or feelings?

Do they think of us when were not around, or are we a mere afterthought, clumsily gatecrashing when their mind has drifted out of their comfort zone and we appear like a wisp, faintly echoing.

And they think, ‘I wonder how ‘blah’ is?’

Blah.. Rather apt wouldn’t you say?

Do we feature heavily in their thoughts. Do they smile when they think of us, do they think of us freely, giving us time to consume their thoughts, or is it a rushed memory, blitzing by.

Do they plead for this fleeting moment to remain?

Are we the star of their show? The star of their memories, their now and future thoughts?

Or are we, mere supporting cast?

If we sat and counted, could we come up with someone, just one single some one to whom we are the ‘most important’

I know one thing for sure, I am the most important person in the lives of my children. My incredibly beautiful, extremely irritating daughters. Until that is, they see their father, then I’m shunned. The maid is ignored, the cook isn’t thanked, and who was it again, who tended to their every requirement?

I feature in the lives of others..

Does it matter, that I just feature in the chorus?


7 thoughts on “How important are you really?

  1. I think you voiced this feeling that is inside all of us very well. I always like that quote that says people may not remember what you do but they will remember the way you make them feel. Your children will grow and change and rebel but their feet are firmly grounded in the roots your given them, in how you made them feel. It’s not a tangible as looking through photos at Disney but all part of the wonderful tapestry of feelings that define their childhood.
    As for your role in other people’s lives, sometimes you need to be part of the chorus because your voice isn’t enough….in the chorus there is safety in numbers, other people to strengthen your weaker parts, to cover your vulnerabilities…other times you need to break free and shine. You love and you are loved, that is what matters x

    Not self indulgent at all

  2. What MacDonald said. I can’t add anything to that.

    Although for me, I tend to underestimate how much people (just partners, really) think of me and are affected by me. Means I hurt people. I’d actually be better off alone.

    It’s a funny business, human interaction.

  3. mandymoo2

    It’s often the people we love the most who we take for granted. So assured of their love for us we don’t feel the need to express how much we appreciate and love them back. I’m sure I speak for us all when I say you feature in our lives, you’re important to us, we notice your absence, we love you xxx

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