4 days late and 2 neg tests


The waiting is just so dull.

I didn’t really expect to get pregnant this month. I won’t be hugely upset if I’m not (just quite upset). I just want to know. I want to trust in the tests, but I can’t, because something is certainly going on in my body, just not sure what.

I’m very tired. That must be a sign. Every ache and pain and spot a sign. I wish my brain would just shut up. Stop looking for signs, stop thinking about March birthdays and what the implications of leaving work then might be. Shut up, brain, you are boring.

If I am not, I will drink a large glass of white wine and buy some soft cheese. Treat myself. I’m probably not. I am not, the tests say so. They are 99% accurate from four days ago. I am not and I must tell myself this. Except I might be.

It’s so boring, I haven’t told my husband. Don’t want to get his hopes up for my hormones just being a bit rubbish. No one knows. Just me and you.

Boring boring boring boring boring.


3 thoughts on “4 days late and 2 neg tests

  1. mandymoo2

    I hope you get a definitive answer soon. I hope that answer is a positive test but if not we’re here…….x

  2. Not boring at all. I had several negative tests, a couple of which had the faintest line appear, but only AFTER ten minutes had passed, which obviously meant I could never trust them. I kept blaming the fact that the foreign(!) instructions were ridiculous ‘read test at five minutes do not read more at five minutes’ what did that even mean?! Stupid Far East!

    Eventually I got a positive. I guess I had simply ovulated late, but we were still lucky to catch it.

    Hopefully you will be too.

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