Goodbye Disney. Hello War Horse


By the time I was nine, I was happily watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th and Halloween. My eldest is nearing that age, and as I really can’t bear to sit through Annie or Frozen for the millionth time I’ve decided it’s time to start watching some *proper films*.

I am giving my old slasher favourites a miss for now. We decided to start with Spielberg’s War Horse, both having a passionate attachment to a furry animal. It’s a long film but we managed to watch it in one go. Athough she did rainbow loom me an anklet as we watched. Apart from the scene when Joey runs amok in No Man’s Land, no cushions were required over face. We spoke about trenches, the massive loss of young life, and the sheer horror of having to say goodbye to a son or brother as they went off to war. Tonight she wants to start the Twilight saga. I’ve said no but I’m meeting her half way. We are watching Jaws.


One thought on “Goodbye Disney. Hello War Horse

  1. I have attempted watching twilight several times, not once have I accomplished this. Please watch My Fair Lady, it is one of my favourite films (if not THE favourite) and it has it all, humour, romance, a handsome old devil in the form of Rex Harrison and the most AWESOME songs.

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