My premature induced vbac


My birth story starts at 32 weeks, when I went to get checked out for reduced movements.
The midwife wasn’t happy with the monitor readings and examined me and thought the baby felt small.
She asked someone for a second opinion, and the second opinion happened to be the scan lady. she agreed and said she had a free 15 mins in the scan room, so I was scanned.
The scan confirmed the baby was small and I was taken up to the ward for further monitoring. After 6 hours, I was allowed home but told to return the next morning.

I was meant to see the consultant, but after going through my notes, she wanted me in every other day for monitoring, to come back the next day for an injection to mature the baby’s lungs, and see her for another scan in a weeks time, with the possibility to deliver in a fortnight.

It was a bit of a shock, but I took it in my stride. I had the injections ( 2 in all) in my thigh, just below my bottom, and boy did it sting.
I brought a few books to kill the time while I was being monitored ( an hour every other day) During one of my monitoring sessions. A close friend came in with hg and we had a good catch up, which killed the time.

A week later, I had a scan to check blood flow etc, and all looked good. The consultant said she wanted me to be monitored every other day for the next week, and to have a growth scan the next week and things would go from there.

The journey from my house to the hospital took 3 buses and up to an hour and half depending on the traffic ( start of the summer holidays so very busy at times) One memory of that week that sticks out to me was seeing my ex in McDonalds, while i popped in for a drink between buses, and seeing his jaw literally drop when he saw my 33 week bump.

A week later at 34 weeks, I went for my scan, as it was the summer holidays, I had my then 5 year old daughter with me, and a friend who took the day off work, so I could see the consultant and not have to worry about being examined with her there.
The consultant, said she wasn’t happy with the baby’s growth and she wanted me to come in tomorrow to be induced. Little bit of a shock. Her assistant said she would check with labour ward about a time to come in etc. She came back and said they wanted me to come back that afternoon. I went into a state of shock around that point as I wasn’t expecting it at all.
I was then given a very rough sweep, which was not pleasant in the slightest and was sent on my way.

I had around 6 hours to arrange childcare, a lift to the hospital and to pack my bag. I was told not to eat anything, which was a struggle at the time as I had hg.
As soon as my mum finished work and my friend and her partner came to pick me up. we left for the hospital. My friend wasn’t able to stay, so I was left alone.

After an hour I was taken for a cooks balloon to be inserted, to begin the induction. I wasn’t allowed the gel or pessary usually used, as I had a c-section with my first. I was put into stirrups and a thin piece of latex forced into my cervix, I wasn’t dilated, so it wasn’t the nicest experience. The plastic was filled with water up to 3cms, in the hope to dilate me enough to break my waters. I was then taken back to the maternity ward, with a bit of plastic hanging out my bits, which was taped to my leg.
I was told I was able to eat and had 2 hours before I wouldn’t be allowed any more. I didn’t keep the food day, but it felt good being able to eat.

I was woken every 2 hours during the night, to check my sats and baby’s heart rate and I was woken up around 630.
At 7, I was taken back to the labour ward and the cooks balloon removed. it hadn’t worked and I was dilated, so I was to be started on a drip in a few hours time. I was able to go for a walk, but not allowed to eat. around 10am, I was placed on a monitor and told they wanted to monitor the baby for 2 hours before they started the drip. While waiting, I watched the UK win their 1st gold medal of the 2012 Olympics.

The drip was started at 12 and I awaited the arrival of 2 of my friends. Nothing much happened til 2pm when the first friend arrived, the 2nd arrived at 230pm and I felt my first contraction at 3pm. I was allowed off the bed and onto the birth ball but this lasted 20 mins before I was told, they kept loosing the baby’s heartbeat, so I had to stay on the bed. gas and air was more then enough at that point.

At 430, I was 2 cms and they managed to break my waters. The contractions came on quickly and I had an epidural. However, it only worked on one side. all my contractions were in my back. At 830 I was 4cms and told i wouldn’t deliver that night. So both my friends, who both had work at 7am the next day, went home at 9. One of my friends mum, who ive known since I was 4, offered to come and sit with me for a few hours, which I accepted straight away, as I didn’t want to be left on my own.

at 920, I begged for a c-section. the epidural had worn off and I was exhausted and struggling to cope, the doctor said he would check me in an hour and go from there.
he checked me at 1030, and his face went white, he said you’re 10cms and ran off to inform nicu, while the midwife took over.
I asked for the epidural to be topped up, she said it was too late, i asked for gas and air and she said it was too late. the only part of me that was numb, was my right foot, so my friends mum has to hold me leg up for me.
As the baby’s head descended, I asked what it was and if it was the midwife’s hand, she said no, and I asked if she was sure. I asked how much of the head was out, she made a small circle with her hand, and I said omg I’m gonna explode.

After 20 mins of pushing, my daughter was born at 1050pm weighing 3lbs 9oz. Nicu hadn’t arrived yet, so I had a quick cuddle while the cord was cut. I don’t remember her being on me, as i was in shock. I have pictures thankfully, something I wouldn’t have if my friends mum hadn’t been with me.

It was almost 2 hours before I was able to go and see her. The 4 weeks she was in hospital for, seemed like forever.
She’s now and happy and healthy almost 2 year old.




The good old British takeaway, who doesn’t love them?

My favourite has always been a donor kebab, cheese and chips.

I’ve become a big fan of home cooking recently, and a big fan of slow cooking.

Today I’m attempting this recipe

500g lamb mince.

1tsp dried oregano.

1tsp dried Italian herbs ( or mixed herbs)

1tsp garlic powder

1tsp cayenne pepper

1tsp salt

1/2tsp black pepper

Mix thoroughly, using a blender if possible, once mixed, bang it a few times to get the air bubbles out.

shape into a loaf.

cook in a slow cooker for 2-4 hours on high or 5-7 hoursĀ  on low. ( check after 2 hours to see if its cooked through, the aim is for it to be cooked but not dry)


I’ve tried the recipe twice before, and both times, I’ve left it to cook for too long and it’s ended up dry.

Fingers crossed for a third time lucky.


Lazy school run mums


Little bit of a rant here.

I really don’t understand some school run mums.

I live a 15 min walk from the school and I walk the school run 100% of the time, come rain or shine.

Yet, other mums who either live along the same road as me, or closer to the school, drive.

The school is on a main road, so no parking, so they have to find somewhere to park in roads near by.

I, regularly end up leaving at the same time as the parents who live along my road, and will walk past the parents who live closer, as they are getting into their cars.

By the time, they’ve got in the car, driven , found some where near the school to park, walked round to the school. I’ve walked it and beaten them. And it’s the same on the way home.

I don’t walk particularly fast, being 4ft 11, and having short legs. I just don’t understand, why they bother. The parents in question go home and remain there, I dot understand why they do it.

Pure laziness?