Five Films That Make Me Weep



I do not cry often, at least I very rarely cried or was able to keep it well hidden. Since my children arrived I have found myself being uncharacteristically emotional at some incredibly mundane things. This list however transcends all of that. This is a guaranteed snivel-fest for me.

Watership Down

It’s 1984, I am six years old and I am delighted that an actual children’s film is on on a rainy Saturday afternoon. One of my parents walks in as the credits begin, “Oh Watership Down, you will LOVE this” and meanders back out to attend to housework or whatnot. I do remember watching this film in it’s entireity on my own apart from the part where the seagull says ‘Shit’ when my Dad came in and I was terrified that I wouldn’t be allowed to watch the rest…but that aside, I sat gripped to this film. The savageness, the sadness, the men trying to fill in the rabbit warrens, my heart was breaking for every little rabbit on that screen. But it was the Bright Eyes bit that killed me. I sobbed as only a six year can, believing that I would never stop crying.



The Whale Rider

I’m afraid by the time Pai got up to do her speech I’d gone from lump in throat to tears spilling down my face.



In America

Continuing the theme of children performing in public which seems to reduce me to a blubbering wreck..this film had me in bits most of the way through. It’s tragic, dark and often very tense, which is par for the course for anything with Paddy Considine in it. The clip below includes a montage from the film rather than the scene itself.




My Girl

Before you judge me. I saw this when I was 13 and until then Macauley Culkin was that annoying brat from Home Alone. I walked in to see this film the weekend it was released. I saw alongside my teenage girlfriends and about three-quarters of the way though HE DIES. No-one warned me about this, I had no idea. So I had to bawl and be scundered for myself that I was crying over MACAULEY CULKIN. But actually I wasn’t, it was Anna Chlumsky’s performance that really got me. Oh for goodness sake I just watched again and cried…again.



Rabbit-proof Fence

This film upset me so much, given it’s roots in recent history, the injustice of it all. The abduction scene was harrowing, however when I watched a documentary about the making of the film, it really had me in pieces.

Abduction Scene


Documentary – filming of the abduction scene