Ultimate chocolate cake | BBC Good Food


I just made this cake

 photo 6FFE6E0E-DA2D-44B5-93D4-E47F4E56931D_zpseceb8kda.jpg” alt=”Ultimate chocolate cake | BBC Good Food” />


Very easy to make. Contains buttermilk – bit of a pain to find, but should be in big supermarkets. The recipe says cut into three. I think two would do, or making in two tins. The cake is moist so doesn’t need two lots of filling. My layers fell apart on reassembling them. Hopefully the ganache will keep them together. Oh, the ganache needs chilling before use. I over chilled mine as I had to go out, but a quick go in the microwave and it was fine. I put chopped raspberries between layers and on top. It’s very chocolatey and moist, so I think it should go down well. Ultimate chocolate cake | BBC Good Food.